SolVan-Approved Leasing Vendors

SolVan-Approved Leasing Vendors are important partners in the SolVan program and will make your work commute a breeze.  Really.  Get started today with at least five commuters ready to share the ride and save. Whether starting a new vanpool or a vanpool group that is already on the road – both new and existing vanpool groups with a valid vanpool lease through one of the four SolVan approved leasing vendors below, are eligible to apply to the Program. Learn more about the Program Guidelines and participation requirements at this link.  Read more about these great leasing vendors:

AVR Vanpool

AVR Vanpool takes pride in providing excellent customer service, offering competitive pricing and ensures vanpool members experience a smooth process during the life of a vanpool.  They offer a broad selection of vanpools from minivans to full size passenger vans with luxury captain chairs.  For additional information, visit their website, or, call 833-287-7556, or email AVR at


Specializes in providing customized vans and vehicles through a ridesharing platform that offers you an economical way to travel to and from work.  Serving commuters for many years and saving them thousands of dollars each year.  No long term commitment, just a simple month-to-month lease.  For monthly lease pricing as well as additional information on Commute with Enterprise vanpools, visit their website or call them at 800.826.4967, option 1, or email staff at


Provides safe, convenient and low cost vanpools for agricultural workers at farms across California. CalVans also is a great solution for students and/or teachers traveling to secondary educational institutions.  For pricing, eligibility and other information on CalVans vanpools, visit their website.  Feel free to call CalVans at 866.655.5444 or email CalVans at:

Green Commuter

Green Commuter is a California, all electric vanpool provider, committed to providing the safest and most environmentally friendly vehicles available. Vanpool with a Green Commuter van/SUV and reduce the amount of CO2 emitted during your commute, and enjoy a higher subsidy level.  Visit Green Commuter's website to see the vehicle offerings, or email them at, or, call Green Commuter at: 844-4RIDE-GC (844.474.3342).

Vanpools that are NOT eligible to apply for the SolVan Subsidy:  Vanpools must be leased by either a vanpool participant (an employee) or an employer of one of the vanpool participants. A vanpool lease or arrangement with any 3rd party leasing vendor OTHER than a SolVan-approved vendor above, are NOT eligible to apply.  Private transit, private shuttles, vans/shuttles operated by a paid driver, and private vanpools (employer-owned vanpools and/or employee-owned and operated vanpools) are NOT eligible to apply to the Program or receive a SolVan subsidy.  To better understand the SolVan program requirements, we recommend you download the Program Guidelines document at this link.