Join a Vanpool

Vanpools On the Road and Open to the Public

 Origin CityWork City Employer  Days of Operation / ScheduleDriver 
IndioBlythe US Border Patrol

 Monday to Sunday; 10:30am-10pm

IndioBlythe  US Border Patrol

 Monday to Sunday; 4:30am-4pm

BeaumontBlythe US Border Patrol

 Monday to Sunday; 5:00am-4:45 pm

      La Quinta             Blythe  CA Dept. Corrections  Monday to Friday, 6:00am-2:00pm             Salas


    Palm Springs Transportation Security Admin

 Monday to Sunday, 11.30am-8:00pm 

      Beaumont    Palm Springs Transportation Security Admin 

 Monday to Sunday; 4:00am-12:30pm

           Indio    Palm Springs Transportation Security Admin Monday to Sunday, 4:00am-12:30pm         Madrigal
           Indio           Blythe  CA Dept. Corrections Monday to Friday; 8:00am -4:00pm        Andrade
      Beaumont           Indio US Border Patrol

 Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sun, 10pm-8am

      Beaumont            Indio US Border Patrol Monday to Sunday; 2:00pm-12:00am          Moya

Join a Vanpool

Check above for a list of current vanpools traveling in or to the Coachella Valley/Blythe areas, along with their work schedules.  If one matches your commute, contact SolVan to find out additional details about the vanpool.  If the vanpool does not have any vacancies (empty seats), we can place you on a wait list in the event there is a vacancy. No matches? Not a problem, SolVan is happy to help you organize a new vanpool.  Simply complete and submit the Vanpool Interest Form on this page and SolVan will contact you to discuss and assist.

Join a CalVan's Vanpool

If you are interested in joining a CalVans vanpool that is on the road and subsidized by SolVan, visit the CalVans website to search vanpool routes, empty seats on current vanpools, or be added to an interest list to help you organize a new vanpool.  CalVans' contact information is provided on this page.

Other ideas to join or form a vanpool

If these existing vanpools do not meet your commuting needs, below are a few other ways to help you find a rideshare arrangement to work:

  • If your employer has a designated rideshare coordinator or Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC), he/she can be extremely valuable in directing you to known vanpools or carpools that travel to your worksite.  
  • If your employer does not have a designated ETC, contact your Human Resources (HR) department.  Many employers designate the HR department as a resource to assist fellow employees with commuting alternatives.
  • You can be matched with others interested in carpooling/vanpooling by registering and logging on to IE Commuter, the one-stop resource for ridesharing matching (carpools, vanpools, and other alternatives to driving alone). Or feel free to call IE Commuter at 866-RIDESHARE (866.743.3742).