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Sharing the ride in a vanpool is a convenient, reliable and an economical way to travel to work.   Sunline Transit Agency's  SolVan vanpool program is here to help. The $400 per month, ongoing subsidy for qualified vanpools makes vanpooling even more affordable than ever before. Select the Apply Button below to see if your vanpool qualifies! Visit the other sections to learn more about the program.

About This Website

If you are currently leasing a vanpool or will be leasing a vanpool through the California Vanpool Authority (CalVans), go to this link to find out more about how SolVan can provide a subsidy to a CalVans' vanpool. If you lease or intend to lease a van through Commute with Enterprise, fill out a brief questionnaire at this page to see if you meet the minimum qualification requirements to participate in the SolVan Subsidy Program. If you qualify, SolVan will instruct you on how to submit online an application for SolVan review and consideration for an ongoing subsidy.

Interested? Learn more about the SolVan subsidy through documents like the Program Guidelines that provide program specifics and requirements.  Or, visit the Links & resources page that has a variety of resources to support your vanpool and other commuting options for you.  Not ready to join or start a vanpool? Check out the vanpooling benefits below - with all these benefits, the only regret you will have about Vanpooling is……that you didn’t start sooner!


The SolVan- approved Leasing Vendors offer a variety of vehicle types so that you may commute in comfort and style.  By vanpooling, you can reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle and reduce your commuting costs. 


One vanpool can remove an additional 12 vehicles from the road, thereby decreasing congestion and greatly reducing the amount of harmful emissions clogging the air we breathe. 


Vanpooling is fun and relaxing - as a passenger, you can read, sleep or socialize with your van-mates. As a driver you may be eligible to use the van for personal use (check with your Leasing Vendor on their personal use policy).


If you or your employer lease a van through a SolVan-approved Leasing Vendor, upon approval you will receive up to $400 per month subsidy to offset the cost of your lease.  Both CalVans and Commute with Enterprise offer month-to-month leases on specially designed commuter passenger vehicles/vans. The monthly lease costs includes ALL maintenance, roadside assistance & insurance. Vanpooling will reduce your commute costs up to 70%; if your vanpool qualifies for the $400 a month SolVan subsidy, your savings can increase an additional 20 – 30%!

About SunLine

SunLine is the public transit agency serving the nine Cities of the Coachella Valley, with 17 bus routes that link the Valley from Desert Hot Springs in the northwest to North Shore in the southeast.  In addition to the new SolVan program, SunLine also promotes other commute modes, such as bicycling and carpooling, providing support to employers in the area to implement employer rideshare programs to offer more transportation options. To learn more about SunLine, visit this link.  To contact SolVan staff via phone or email, go to this page.