Start Today to Qualify & Apply to SolVan

Before you start a formal application to the SolVan subsidy program with a SolVan-approved Leasing Vendor, let's find out if your vanpool qualifies for the program.  Go to this page to fill out a Qualification Form and after submitted, SolVan staff will review and contact you.  Should your vanpool qualify, then SolVan staff will provide instructions on filling out a SolVan application and next steps.

DO NOT Complete the Qualification Form:

  • If you intend to lease a van through CalVans or join an existing CalVans vanpool. Go to the CalVans page for details on the application/leasing process.
  • If you are interested in joining an existing SolVan-subsidized vanpool through a current SolVan-approved Leasing Vendor, view available vanpools at this link and/or contact us via email: or call us at 877-4SOLVAN (877.476.5826).