The California Vanpool Authority

If you are an agricultural worker or a college/vocational student, the California Vanpool Authority (CalVans) may be a great choice for you.  As a SolVan-authorized vanpool leasing vendor, vanpools formed by CalVans in the SolVan service area may be eligible for up to $400 per month to offset the cost of the lease.  CalVans specialize in providing vanpool services to farms/agricultural and post high school educational markets.  


Established in 2012, the California Vanpool Authority, known as CalVans, is a Joint Powers Agency made up of many California agencies primarily located in areas with a large number of agricultural workers and farms.  CalVans has board members appointed from each member agency, and adds vanpools to the public transit options provided to the residents and businesses in the board member’s jurisdiction.  The Riverside County Transportation Commission is a CalVans member and therefore vans that begin, end or travel through Riverside county are eligible to apply for a CalVans’ vanpool.

CalVans Quick Links

  • More about agricultural vanpools
  • More about traditional worksite employer vanpools
  • Find out how to submit a CalVans' application to drive a vanpool
  • Review the Qualifications to form a CalVan's vanpool
  • How to Join an existing CalVan's vanpool / search vanpool routes
  • Learn about the History of CalVans


CalVans is located at 1340 North Drive, Hanford California 93230


If you intend to lease a van with one of SolVan's other approved Leasing Vendors, visit this page for qualification and application information.  If you are interested in joining an existing vanpool from one of SolVan's other approved Leasing Vendors, go to this page